Horizon 2020 calls for proposals

OPEN CALLS in Horizon 2020

Japan is mentioned in a number of calls in the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-2017 (download PDF). Apart from coordinated calls with the Japanese government, there are also a number of regular Horizon 2020 calls in which a Japanese participation is encouraged.

Currently open call in which Japanese participation is encouraged are:

Area Topic title and topic ID Deadline
ICT 5G PPP Research and Validation of critical technologies and systems (ICT-07-2017) (view this call information in Japanese) 8/11/2016
ICT 5G PPP Convergent Technologies (ICT-08-2017) (view this call information in Japanese) 8/11/2016
ICT Micro- and nanoelectronics technologies (ICT-31-2017) (view this call information in Japanese) 25/4/2017
SME Instrument A better access to industrial technologies developed overseas (INNOSUP-08-2017) (view this call information in Japanese) 28/3/2017
Smart, green and integrated transport Protection of all road users in crashes (MG-3.2-2017) (view this call information in Japanese) 26/1/2017
Smart, green and integrated transport Electrified urban commercial vehicles integration with fast charging infrastructure (GV-08-2017) (view this call information in Japanese) 1/2/2017
Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies The Asia-Pacific as a strategic region for Europe (ENG-GLOBALLY-06-2017) (view this call information in Japanese) 2/2/2017
Science with and for Society A Linked-up Global World of RRI (SwafS-14-2017) (view this call information in Japanese) 30/8/2017


 Please note that Japan can also participate in any other Horizon 2020 call, for more calls please access the Horizon 2020 Participant Portal.