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The 6th International Symposium of Innovative BioProduction Kobe (iBioK)

Date: 03.02.2015 04.02.2015

Symposium:Kobe University Centennial Hall

Banquet:Takikawa Memorial Hall


Symposium: Free

Banquet: 8,000JPY for Scholars, 5,000JPY for Studens.

Please send your contact address (name, affiliation and e-mail address and participate in the banquet or not) to following address; ibiok@port.kobe-u.ac.jp


Contact details:

Kobe University Innovative BioProduction Kobe (iBioK)


Kobe University

Feb.3rd 2014 Schedule

13:00 Opening remarks
13:05  Bio-production of biobased fuels and chemicals: achievements and perspectives of iBioK
Prof. Akihiko Kondo, Kobe University, Japan
13:40 Microbial metabolic engineering for the sustainable chemical industry
Prof. Sang Yup Lee, KAIST, Korea
14:20 The Weizmann process revisited for the continuous production of fuels and chemicals
Prof. Philippe Soucaille INSA Toulouse, France
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Mapping and Exploiting Enzyme Promiscuity
Prof. J. Christopher Anderson, University of California Berkeley,USA
16:10 Corynebacterium glutamicum as multipurpose cell factory: new production strains and novel tools
Prof Michael Bott, Forchungszentrum Julich, Germany
16:50 Metabolic Modeling beyond Stoichiometry: Ensemble Modeling for Robustness Analysis
Prof. James Liao, UCLA, USA
18:00 Welcome reception and Banquet (Location: Takikawa Memorial Hall)


 Feb.4th 2014 Schedule

10:00 Biofabrication and quality control of nanostructured protein materials
Prof. Antonio Villaverde, Universitat Autònoma de BarcelonaEditor in Chief of Microbial Cell Factories, Spain
10:40 Biorefinery of microalgae
Prof. Rene Wijffeld, Wargeningen UR, The Netherland
11:20 Production of rare inositols : conversion of agricultural wastes into value added product
Prof. Ken-ichi Yoshida, Kobe University, Japan
11:50 Closing remarks


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Organised by: 

Kobe University

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